Energy Food + Prebiotic vs. Power Up: A Guide

Energy Food + Prebiotic vs. Power Up: A Guide

There’s no worse feeling than when you wake up, exhausted, and realize you don’t have any more time left to sleep.The question is: how do you both get that energy you need, fast, and avoid this feeling tomorrow?

The immediate answer for many is coffee. And while that may work for some in the moment, others are looking for an option that won’t give them jitters, or longer term solutions that help crush a caffeine dependency.

Energy depletion doesn’t fall into just one camp, so there wouldn’t be just one product to combat it.

This is why we  developed two options to help boost your energy, one for the short-term and one for the long-run: Energy Food + Prebiotic and Power Up. We realize that it can be confusing, however, to choose between the two, so we made a comprehensive guide to help you identify which could be beneficial for you.


WHAT IT IS: Your long-term relationship.

Low energy can be a vicious cycle: too much coffee - can’t sleep - back to the coffee to wake up again. Energy Food helps to boost energy levels over time, meaning it’s not a quick fix.

HOW IT WORKS: Organic Ingredients + Prebiotics + Protein = Energy

We combined Maca, Goji Berries, and Beetroot, ingredients that have each been studied for their ability to increase your energy levels, and combined it with Brown Rice Protein to add an additional energy source, as protein takes longer to break down in our body than carbohydrates, making it a longer lasting source of energy. We also added prebiotic Organic Inulin to the mix, as a healthy gut is essential for stable energy levels.


Over the course of 30 days, you should see improvements in your body’s energy levels, waking up feeling refreshed and ready instead of dragging your feet. We recommend evaluating after a month.


WHAT IT IS: Your energy savior. 

An all-natural caffeine source with the same amount of caffeine that you’d find in an espresso shot, minus those coffee jitters. Designed to give you energy, ASAP. 

HOW IT WORKS: Brazilian guarana + Maca + Goji Berry = Energy

Power-Up relies on 3 ingredients: Brazilian guarana, Maca, and Goji Berry. We use Brazilian Guarana to derive a natural caffeine source, combining it with antioxidant goji berry to provide a calming + stabilizing effect and adaptogenic maca to increase energy –– creating a natural caffeine boost without any jitters.

WHEN YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO SEE RESULTS: Around the same amount of time as it would take when you have your first cup of coffee.

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