Focus + The Brain

Focus + The Brain

Your state of mind when approaching a new task can be the difference between getting a job done and not.

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Your state of mind when approaching a new task can be the difference between getting a job done and not. We all know the feeling of frantically tiptoeing around a to-do list, mind jittering, yet every time you sit down to get ‘it’ done, you just can’t seem to grasp and maintain a steady stream of focus. So why is that? Well, it’s a culmination of toxin build-up, unhealthy brain cells, and a depletion of vital chemical resources in the brain.

In order for your ticker to keep functioning at its optimal, it needs to detoxify and cleanse by flushing said toxins away in your blood. This happens when you sleep, which is why a good, smartly timed nap can feel so refreshing! A study in the journal Science showed brain cells shrink during sleep in order to allow more space between them, so fluid can literally wash the brain clean.

Our brains contain billions of nerve cells (neurons) which communicate with each other through electrical impulses. These impulses release neurotransmitters - chemicals that act as messengers. Maintaining the correct levels of neurotransmitters in the right place at the right time is also vital for the brain to work effectively. The mental highs and lows of daily life which alter the way you think, feel and behave can all tip the balance, and it’s these transient fluctuations that affect your focus and ability to retain information. While maintaining a healthy diet and managing stress levels are vital components for keeping the equilibrium, other factors such as hormonal changes are also to blame.

Having occasional trouble concentrating is a relatively normal, albeit irritating occurrence for most people. Everyone knows that when you’re concentration is at its highest, you work easier, faster, and better. People often turn to prescription drugs, but these hyper stimulants tend to encourage sleeplessness and agitation, are not devoid of side effects and can cause a ‘crash’ when they eventually wear off.

Our cognitive aid Nootro-Focus uses natural psychostimulants and patented ingredient technology to bring you an easy-to-take supplement to improve memory, heighten mental clarity and sharpen focus. Our goal with Nootro-Focus is to help you operate at your peak potential while caring for, and supporting your brain health in the long-term. It’s a given that in the same way that you can’t out exercise a bad diet, you can’t fully reap the benefits of supplements if your lifestyle isn’t up to scratch. So the ingredients in Nootro-Focus work in synergy to reduce the effects of stress in brain cells, allowing for improved mental performance, combatting brain fog and future-proofing your cognitive health.

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