My Formula: Erin Asparza on how to reduce dark eye circles

My Formula: Erin Asparza on how to reduce dark eye circles

Erin Esparza is a professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician with expertise in facial muscles, skincare and lymphatic drainage. 

As part of our holistic approach to skin health, THE TOOL gua sha was designed to be used alongside our ingestible and topical skin supplements SKIN FILTER and THE PILL to target a multitude of skin concerns including pigmentation, inflammation and collagen degradation.

“Gua sha is an amazing tool that helps with lymphatic drainage, tightens the skin and sculpts the features of the face,” says Erin. “The thing about gua sha is that you want to be super consistent with it. You will see immediate results even after the first time doing it but your results will get better over time so really stick with it; take a few minutes out of your day to focus on the areas of your face that you really want to target and it will make a huge difference in your routine.”

Erin explains, “By receiving a lymphatic drainage massage, toxins are flushed from the face. These otherwise stagnant toxins can lead to various skin conditions. The lymphatic system has no way of draining itself, so we need periodic facial massages to ensure the system’s health, which relieves sinus pressure, benefits your immune system and whole body. Massaging oxygenates the skin, resulting in an increase in your overall luminosity. Additionally, you will notice decreases in dark circles, facial puffiness and fine lines. The experience is also extremely relaxing; the perfect way to decompress and reduce tension.”

Exclusively for The Nue Co., Erin created a 3-step guide on how to use THE TOOL to sculpt around the eye area, reduce puffiness and diminish fine lines and crows feet.

Firstly, she recommends that before you start, you should ensure your face is clean and use an oil or serum to help your gua sha tool glide across the skin. THE TOOL was designed to be used alongside THE PILL all-in-one serum.


Take a finger to anchor the muscle to the side of your nose a couple of centimetres underneath the eye. Match the tool to your finger and glide upwards, giving the tool a little shake when it reaches the temple. By anchoring the muscle with your finger, it stops you from tugging on the skin so it won’t cause any further wrinkles. This movement helps to reduce any puffiness and so is really useful to do in the morning. Repeat the motion a few times and switch to the other side.


Take your hand to pull up your eyebrow very slightly and trace under the eyebrow with the corner of THE TOOL, gliding out and giving it a little wiggle when it reaches the temple. Each time, you want to keep the gua sha flat to the skin rather than directly straight out from the skin. Use medium pressure as we have delicate skin around the eye area and you don’t want to be pushing too hard. “It should feel good around that muscle—it shouldn’t be so hard that you feel uncomfortable,” advises Erin. Repeat the motion a few times and switch to the other side.


The frown line or lines we get in between our eyebrows can affect how our eye area looks. Taking the corner of THE TOOL, move it up and down in between the brows to wake up the circulation. “You should see a little bit of redness, which is totally normal,” says Erin. This should feel good, not intense. Then move THE TOOL side to side, ironing out any little fine lines.

Watch the full tutorial here.