Solace in the City: Jules

The Nue Co. founder + CEO on maintaining work-life balance.

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To celebrate the launch of our new stress-busting formula, Functional Fragrance, we asked local New Yorkers to break down how they maintain peace of mind in the city.

Name: Jules Miller

Location: Brookyln, New York

Profession: Founder + CEO of The Nue Co.

Finding peace: An investor once told me that the most important time in a CEO’s day is when you sit back in your chair to breathe and think. Running a company means giving a lot of energy to people everyday, so I take advantage of my alone time—like riding in a car or sitting in my office with no distractions. For me, these times are crucial to find peace throughout the day.

Setting limits: It’s really important for me to respect my own boundaries. When I set aside time to switch off, I completely unplug from work to be present. I love what I do professionally so, while it can be challenging to switch off, I make it a priority for my personal life. Since moving to New York, I’ve found connecting with nature is really important. Every Saturday morning I walk my dog, Lola through Prospect Park and we both love getting lost inside of it.

Self-care: I discovered acupuncture after suffering from some painful bouts of PMS. I didn’t want to rely on painkillers to get through the day, and acupuncture not only provided dramatic relief to the symptoms I was experiencing, but also helped manage my stress.

Work-life balance: My job requires constant energy and focus which only happens if I look after my health. Specifically, I monitor my adrenals which help to regulate my blood sugar + energy levels. I try to designate a week every month to remove sugar and limit caffeine from my diet. I also have a strict morning and evening routine. I refuse to rush in the morning, so I wake at 6am and take my time easing into the day with a long shower, coffee, and some reading. At night, I’m usually in bed by 9:30pm and make a big cup of sleep tea, have a few CBD drops, Sleep Drops, and Magnesium Ease to help  set my body up for a good night’s rest.

Practical tips: I’m a visual person, so unless something is right in front of me I’ll probably forget about it. I have my products set up on my bedside table so I don’t forget to take them every night. I also leave my Defense Drops next to my toothbrush and Functional Fragrance in my bathroom so I remember to use those each morning, too.


Photographs Moran Dankner for The Nue Co.