The Nue Co.’s guide to gut supplements

The Nue Co.’s guide to gut supplements

From general gut maintenance to constipation relief, our range of supplements can help to restore balance.

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Your gut microbiome has been proven to have a profound effect on the health of the entire body, from brain function, weight, skin, immunity, digestion and mood. Up to 80% of our immune system resides in the gut and up to 75% of our serotonin (the hormone that contributes towards feelings of wellbeing and happiness) is produced there, however many of us aren’t optimising our gut health. If you ever experience digestive issues like bloating, diarrhea, constipation and IBS, you’re not aloneit’s estimated that there are 70 million Americans currently living with these symptoms.

As reiterated by Mental Health America, taking care of your gut and subsequently your gut-brain axis starts with a balanced and nutritious diet: prebiotic food (that feeds your gut bacteria) such as asparagus, bananas, berries and mangos, and probiotic food (that contains live bacteria) like apple cider vinegar, yoghurt, kimchi and kombucha.

As all our bodies are different, the gut needs a personalized approach. Whether you struggle specifically with sluggish digestion or need an overall health boost, we’ve created a guide to help you choose the right gut supplements for you.


Designed to target IBS while offering daily gut maintenance, this formula delivers 15 billion probiotic spores per dose, plus an organic prebiotic. Unlike live bacteria, which is often dead upon arrival, our time-delay capsules are room-temperature stable and won't start working until they reach your small intestine. One of our bestsellers, suitable for everyone and the ultimate supplement to lay the foundations for good gut health. Two capsules to be taken per day.


Protein helps to repair a damaged or impaired gut on a cellular level. Made from a gentle blend of pea, hemp, and rice, this powdered formula delivers all nine essential amino acids and is readily absorbed by those with sensitive stomachs and dietary restrictions.


Powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients and natural digestive enzymes bring instant relief to uncomfortable stomachs + help achieve long-term bloat reduction. Completely food-based, it's fortified with prebiotic inulin to help stabilize blood sugars and aid digestion. Simply mix 1 teaspoon of the powder with 100 ml of water or your favorite non-dairy milk, or add to a smoothie. Also available in single-serve packets.


DEBLOAT+ is a supercharged capsule version of our original DEBLOAT FOOD + PREBIOTIC for people who suffer from bloating and associated IBS symptoms frequently. A proprietary blend of 17 digestive enzymes, clinically studied Gutgard® licorice root extract and organic turmeric work together to help break down food and address uncomfortable symptoms of IBS and digestive issues.


Our modern-day digestive bitters designed to kick-start slow digestion and stimulate your digestive enzymes via the bitter taste receptors (T2Rs) on your tongue. A natural blend of burdock, dandelion, clove and licorice in a probiotic apple cider vinegar base. Perfect for on the go, to be used 15 minutes before any meal by squeezing a full dropper onto the tongue.


Our blend of magnesium citrate and marshmallow root works as an osmotic laxative, meaning that it helps move the process along naturally by simply drawing water to the colon to soften stools without causing bloating or a sense of urgency to reach the bathroom. Our formula is non-habit forming, meaning that unlike traditional laxatives, your digestion will not slow down due to use. Before bed, empty one packet into a small amount of hot water, allow to fizz and dissolve, then drink—it’ll get to work overnight for relief by morning.


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