The Science Behind Nootro-Focus

The Science Behind Nootro-Focus

NOOTRO-FOCUS is a supplement that works to support your mental energy and improve a range of cognitive functions including memory, focus and attention. Created using a combination of scientific intelligence and natural innovation, it’s a safe and reliable answer to ‘smart drugs’ which will enhance your daily life and also provide long term support.  

Blended using green chemistry, this sustainable process reduces the use and generation of hazardous substances at every step. From the design, manufacturing, use, and disposal of our supplement, there is minimal waste and environmental damage throughout its entire life cycle.

NOOTRO-FOCUS has undergone rigorous testing (on humans, not mice!) and is proven to heighten mental clarity and sharpen focus while providing neuroprotective benefits. Unlike generic ‘smart drugs’, nootropics like this one lack negative side effects and can be taken continually.

Ingredients are of the utmost importance to us, so we’ve sourced 6 specific components which are of the highest quality and potency and work in synergy to provide all-round support. We’ve combined natural psychostimulants like Rhodiola with patented ingredient technology such as Bacopa (Bacomind®), which is full-spectrum and clinically proven to contain nine different bioactive strains. Our hero ingredient Cognizin® is 99.8% pure citicoline and 0.2% water. It has been shown to increase motor speed, improve attention and focus, boost brain energy by 13.6% and accelerate the formation of brain cell membranes by 26% - all within 28 days.

Commitment sees results, so we recommend taking NOOTRO-FOCUS (and any supplements, for that matter) for a minimum of three months in order to fully gauge the effects. Finding a way to incorporate them into your routine in a way that’s fuss-free, whether that’s keeping them on your bedside table or desk drawer at work, will make remembering to take them easy.

NOOTRO-FOCUS comes in a monthly supply and our recommended dose is two capsules daily, preferably in the morning with breakfast. It’s available as a subscription service so you never go without and is designed to fit seamlessly into your routine. These pills won’t interfere with any other supplements, and are easy to transport if you’re on the move. As with all of our products, we’ve made sure to keep this supplement free from fillers, bulking agents, flavorings, colorings and sweeteners. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, soy-free and vegan. As well as supplementing with NOOTRO-FOCUS, consider optimizing your diet, exercise and sleep - looking at your lifestyle choices in a holistic way will have a greater impact on your cognitive performance and general health.