What's your love language?

What's your love language?

Take our quick quiz to find out your love language to help you deepen your understanding of what makes you feel most fulfilled.

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The five love languages explain how each of us express and receive love. These love languages are defined by Dr. Gary Chapman as words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch and receiving gifts. Not exclusively applicable to romance, discovering your love language can help you better understand your relationships with friends, family and colleagues too.

Take our quick quiz to find out which love language you speak to help you deepen your understanding of what makes you feel most fulfilled.

Take note of which letter answers you choose the most.

1.Which of these statements do you agree with most strongly?

A. You want others to notice when you’ve changed your appearance or are wearing something new.
B. You want others to put down their phone when they eat with you.
C. You really appreciate it when someone runs an errand for you.
D. All you want after a bad day is a big hug.
E. Nothing picks you up more than a bunch of flowers or gift.

2.When it comes to relationships:

A. Being told that you are loved is important to you, and it can never be said too often.
B. You love doing new things together.
C. It means the most to you when someone does something for you without being asked.
D. Intimacy is a priority.
E. Special occasions should always be commemorated with a special gift.

3. When you’re at work:

A. You are quick to notice if someone doesn’t thank you.
B. You make an effort to spend time with colleagues outside of work.
C. If someone can lighten your workload for you, it doesn’t go unnoticed.
D. High-fives, handshakes or consensual hugs make you feel accepted.
E. You expect bonuses and rewards for your work.

4. The best bit about your birthday is:

A. Receiving cards with thoughtful messages.
B. Someone making plans for you to do something together.
C. Being cooked a meal.
D. Going for or being given a massage.
E. Opening all your gifts.

5. What do you value the most?

A. A thoughtful message out of the blue.
B. Long, meaningful conversations.
C. Reliable, trustworthy people.
D. Self-care.
E. Mementoes, souvenirs and tokens of appreciation.

What do your results mean?



Your love language is: Words of affirmation

The best gift for you is: MOOD, the gift that cares about your happiness

People with this love language love to hear positive and encouraging words often. Chronic stress has become a natural part of life during the current climate for many and aside from just the physical health implications, it can also increase the risk for depression and anxiety and affect the area of the brain responsible for regulating emotions and memory. It can be important for your loved ones to know what they mean to you and for you to vocalize your appreciation, but sometimes that affirmation may not have as powerful an impact amidst the stress they are experiencing. The formula in our MOOD supplement helps to reduce stress and cortisol levels while stabilizing mood, and so in turn your loves ones can receive those words of affirmation from a better frame of mind.  


Your love language is: Quality time

The best gift for you is: NOOTRO-FOCUS, the gift that improves your quality of time

People with this love language like to spend meaningful, uninterrupted time in their relationships. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, many of us continue to experience feelings of stress, frustration and anxiety. It’s important to remind ourselves that time spent with ourselves or loved ones is valuable and every moment has the potential to be extraordinary. How can we be mindful of staying present? NOOTRO-FOCUS supports mental clarity, reduces anxiety and sharpens your focus, to ensure that you get the most out of your time. 


Your love language is: Acts of service

The best gifts for you are: MAGNESIUM EASE and subscriptions, the gifts that all of us deserve

People with this love language appreciate when their partners take initiative to make their lives easier by doing something for them. Many of us struggle to live up to the ideals we see on TV, in ads and on social media but every small, kind act can be so valued. Consider what you can do for yourself or a partner to feel cared for, such as massaging the skin with our MAGNESIUM EASE topical supplement which is designed to help ease stress and improve sleep. Together the ingredients efficiently aid relaxation and reduce muscle tension, ensuring this act of service gives back. 

Acts of service could also be things you do to make life easier. We offer monthly subscription programmes, so our formulas can arrive directly to you or a loved one’s door, without any hassle.


Your love language is: Physical touch

The best gifts for you are: SKIN FILTER / SKN HYDRATOR / THE PILL / THE TOOL, the gifts that feels good

People with this love language love physical touch and other displays of physical affection. It’s our human nature to crave physical touch. Over the last year, the pandemic has meant a lot of us have experienced less human contact and physical touch, resulting in what scientists call “skin hunger” In these times, it’s important to embrace ourselves as we would our loved ones. The skin is the largest organ in the body and a reflection of our mind and body health. Our skincare supplements focus on improving skin health to make those moments of physical touch even more impactful. 


Your love language is: Receiving gifts

The best gift for you is: FUNCTIONAL FRAGRANCE, the ultimate ‘just because’ gift

People with this love language enjoy when their partner shows love through sentimental items. The importance of scent in our daily lives is often underplayed. Smell is the first of our senses to be activated when we’re born, with some studies showing that we can even smell while in the womb. Cognitive function and the olfactory system are closely linked, as smells can trigger both emotional and physiological responses. Put simply, scent is one of the fastest ways to alter our emotional state. We can learn to use our olfactory system strategically, influencing our brain to release dopamine and serotonin in order to feel good. Our unisex anti-stress FUNCTIONAL FRAGRANCE is the gift to help relax, reset and feel good at any time, anywhere.