“Your body is your vehicle to life”

“Your body is your vehicle to life”

P.volve co-founder Rachel Katzman on moving mindfully, sustainable health and the method that’s earned a cult following.

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Rachel Katzman is the co-founder and CEO of P. volve, an international fitness method that focuses on high-intensity, low-impact workouts that help people look and feel their best by connecting minds to muscles and muscles to movement.

We spoke to Rachel about how the method is not just essential for engaging muscles correctly, but for helping to relieve stress and anxiety by focusing your attention heavily on the movements.

What is the P.volve method?

P.volve is a pre-hab fitness method that will tone, lift and lengthen the body. We use functional movement to enhance your balance, flexibility and mobility, and we focus on long-term sustainable health and not breaking down the body. By using resistance, low weights and our proprietary patented equipment, we are all about results and allowing you to achieve your fitness goals without any pain or injury.

How vital is using the P.volve equipment to the method?

The magic of the method truly happens when the equipment is used together with the workout. You can absolutely use your own body weight, but you will see results faster with the equipment. The equipment is also a great way to turn on those inactive muscles, with the p.ball you will start to feel those tiny muscles in your inner thighs and glutes that you didn’t know were even there. The equipment also adds for variety; I find myself never getting bored because I am always switching up equipment and the combos used together.

How does the P.volve method connect mind to muscle?

P.volve can be the easiest or hardest workout; it’s about what you put into it. The method is very detailed and focused on form. We don’t use momentum to take you through the movements, instead we focus on using the mind to control which muscle is taking you through. It isn’t about how many leg lifts you can do; it’s about controlling the leg up with the outer hip/butt and slowly bringing down with the inner thighalways taking a moment for the mind and muscle to connect. I have been doing this method for over five years and it’s harder for me today than when I first started. My mind-body connection has gotten stronger which has allowed me to continuously see results and to push myself.

What does ‘mindful movement’ mean?

At P.volve, we talk about the importance of the mind to muscle connection, or mindful movement. You get so much more benefit out of your movements when you are thoughtfully executing the exercises. By bringing awareness to not only what you are doing but how you are performing each exercise, you fire up every single muscle involved in your motion. Instead of “squeeze your glute”, you might hear us say “drive energy through your leg into the ground”. This type of thought-to-action engages muscles more actively, as well as igniting muscles you may not normally use, which leads to faster results as well as a more mentally stimulating workout. By focusing and engaging your mind heavily in your workout, you’re providing it with some freedom of some of the stress or anxiety you may be experiencing.

Does the nutritional aspect have to be incorporated? What impact does it have on mood?

Nutrition is such a key part in overall health, not only from a results standpoint but from an overall wellbeing standpoint. Only half the work is done in the gym and the other half in the kitchen. Your body is your vehicle to life; you should be feeding it foods that will give you more energy, vitamins, and essential things it needs. I know personally that when I am not feeding my body the right things, my mood is off, I am tired and fatigued, I will not perform my best that day, and the motivation is gone. I have to show up being the best version of myself for my team and I have found that learning more about my body, what it likes, needs, and doesn't like has been a massive game-changer for me on a daily basis. 

How has the lack of studio environment impacted your trainers’ mental health?

Our trainers are such a vital part of our brand. They are the faces if you’re seeing them in person in the studio, or working out with them on demand. They have been so amazing at coming together for our community: making themselves available for Instagram lives; doing virtual live classes; filming content from home; answering questions from our members; and letting everyone know that we are experiencing something like this for the first time and we are all in this together. One of our trainers Zach always says “movement is medicine” and I believe that to be true. Everyone is so thankful that we can still move our bodies and still provide classes and an outlet for people worldwide virtually.

When mood is low, when should someone rest versus exercising?

Always, always listen to your body. You can only maintain working out so hard with no rest days before your body will crash. Your body talks to you. If you have a headache, or you’re hungry or thirsty, the key is to actually listen! Rest days are just as important as the workout itself. I always like to move my body in some way, so if I am tired or too busy that day for a workout, I tend to stretch, go for a walk or do something to get my blood flowing. Never feel bad about the ‘rest’ day. I like to use the word ‘recover’ instead of ‘rest’, which has made my mind shift to knowing how important these recovery days are for my overall health.

How do the P.volve community support each other?

We are so proud to have a global community of people who support each other through our community-lead Facebook group. The members of this group are constantly sharing transformation stories, tips, and creating lasting relationships during this time. It is so incredible to watch this group grow and interact with each other, and come together from all over the world.

P.volve is redefining high intensity-fitness. Their method uses functional movements paired with resistance training to work with your body, not against it. The results? A strong, sculpted physique and increased mobility, posture and balance to improve your everyday life. No matter what equipment or songs are being used, their method connects your mind to your muscles for sustainable, long-lasting results.

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