For Valentine’s Day this year, use the love languages to guide what you give yourself or a loved one for less waste, more meaning and better health. Find out your love language by taking the quiz below.

We all speak love


The concept of love languages was developed by Dr. Gary Chapman where he describes five unique styles of communicating love.

Take our quick quiz to find out which love language you speak to help you deepen your understanding of what makes you feel most fulfilled.

Take note of which letter answers you choose the most.

Which of these statements do you agree with most strongly?

a. You want others to notice when you’ve changed your appearance or are wearing something new.

b. You want others to put down their phone when they eat with you.

c. You really appreciate it when someone runs an errand for you.

d. All you want after a bad day is a big hug.

e. Nothing picks you up more than a bunch of flowers or gift.

When it comes to relationships:

a. Being told that you are loved is important to you, and it can never be said too often.

b. You love doing new things together.

c. It means the most to you when someone does something for you without being asked.

d. Intimacy is a priority.

e. Special occasions should always be commemorated with a special gift.

When you're at work:

a. You are quick to notice if someone doesn’t thank you.

b. You make an effort to spend time with colleagues outside of work.

c. If someone can lighten your workload for you, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

d. High-fives, handshakes or consensual hugs make you feel accepted.

e. You expect bonuses and rewards for your work.

The best bit about your birthday is:

a. Receiving cards with thoughtful messages.

b. Someone making plans for you to do something together.

c. Being cooked a meal.

d. Going for or being given a massage.

e. Opening all your gifts.

What do you value the most?

a. A thoughtful message out of the blue.

b. Long, meaningful conversations.

c. Reliable, trustworthy people.

d. Self-care.

e. Mementoes, souvenirs and tokens of appreciation.


Mostly a: Words of affirmation

Mostly b: Quality time

Mostly c: Acts of service

Mostly d: Physical touch

Mostly e: Receiving gifts


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